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La balance, mets et vins -

Simply our prefered restaurant, which also provide delicatessen services.


Jacky Pernet -

Our butcher, creator of Ornanaise saussage, and also a good delicatessen address.

Activités sportives

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Canoeing, Canyoning,
Via Ferrata, Climbing,
Adventure trail...

Syratu Tourisme et Loisirs -

STL base is located in Ornans (12 km from Amondans) and proposes many activities : canoe and kayak rental on the Loue river, canyoning (initiation trail in Amondans canyon), via ferrata, clibing, adventure trail (including a course for young kids).

Canoeing, Mountain biking

Cap-Loisirs -

Cap-loisirs base is located in Quingey (20 km from Amondans) and proposes canoes and mountain bikes for sale or for rental, for trails in the Loue valley and may other activities for groups.

Horse riding

Ecurie des sources

In Eternoz (9 km from Amondans), Barbara and Hervé Bordy propose riding with their lovely icelandic horses. These small horses with their specific gaits are very friendly and adapted to beginners.


Les Anes Bâtés

Claude Klinger proposes walks with donkeys around Eternoz (9 km from Amondans). Donkeys can carry up to 40 kg, including children :-)


Ferme équestre du Pont du diable

Another horse center in Crouzet-Migette (20 km from Amondans).

Climbing, caving

Lison Accueil -

At Nans sous Sainte-Anne (16 km from Amondans), professionals of Lison Accueil propose climbing, caving and via ferrata activities.

Adventure trail

Salins Fort Aventure -

At Salins-les-Bains (25 km from Amondans), in an old stronghold of the 17th century, Salins Fort Aventure proposes many adventure trails for all ages and levels.

Free flying, hang gliding

Poupet vol libre -

The free flying school of Saint-Thiebault (25 km from Amondans) proposes courses for free flying and hang gliding at Mont Poupet, Amathey, Vuillafans and some other sites.


Amicale des Pêcheurs au Lancer de Chenecey-Buillon -

The fishers associations of Chenecey-Buillon (18 km from Amondans) proposes a course for fly fishing on the Loue river at the affordable price of 12 euros per day.

Vacances Pêches -

Philippe Battlogg, is a professionnal guide for fly fishing in the Loue, based in Cléron (4 km from Amondans) and he proposes to accompany you on different courses.

Fédération Départementale de Pêche du Doubs -

The website of fishing departemental federation provides many information, including maps of river and courses and addresses and contact of fishers associations.

Entre Loue et Doubs -

The society Entre Loue et Doubs proposes a wide reservoir (8 ha) for fly fishing in Osselle (29 km from Amondans).

Other activities

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Bow, violin making

Le Bois de Lutherie -

Bernard Michaud proposes trainings to make yourself your own instrument (violin, cello, but also electric guitar or bow) at Fertans (2 km from Amondans), .

Sites, parks

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DinoZoo -

DinoZoo is a park based at Charbonnière les Sapins (30 km from Amondans) with reconstituted life scenes of dinosaurs.

Ludale Parc

At Pouligney (50 km from Amondans), a huge Labyrinth for giant games in corn fields...


Le Sentier Karstique -

Near Merey sous Montrond (15 km from Amondans), un trail allow you to discover geological curiosities, typical of our karstified (calcareous) region : lapiaz, holes, pits, caves...

Gouffre de Poudrey -

The pit of Poudrey (27 km from Amondans) is the biggest underground room equiped for tourists in France.

Grotte d'Osselle -

The cave of Osselle (29 km from Amondans) is one of the oldest touristic cave known, and the most important necropolis of cave bears of the world.

Museum, buildings

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Citadelle de Besançon

La Citadelle de Besançon -

The stronghold of Besançon (32 km from Amondans) includes several museums, a zoo, an aquarium, an insectarium and many other things.

Saline Royale

Saline Royale d'Arc et Senans -

The royal saltworks of Arc et Senans (32 km from Amondans), added to the List of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1982, hosts a museum edicated to Nicolas Ledoux and architecture, and also the museum of the salt and many other exhibitions.

Local life

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Loue Lison Furieuse -

Portal of local associations and cultural activities. It proposes an agenda of local events.

Pays d'Ornans -

Portal of Ornans and its area, including agenda of local events.

Le Comtois -

Agenda of cultural events and leisures in Franche-Comté.


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Amondans Nature -

Our neighbours website, who also have a beautiful lodging. If our lodging is not available, let see Georges and Geneviève :-)

Other holiday rentals

Here is a list of websites dedicated to holiday rentals which refered our website.


Alesia in Eternoz

The website of Daniel Munier, who locates the Roman battle of Alesia in Eternoz (9 km from Amondans).


Hydrological situation of Loue river

To help you before you go out for fishing or canoeing : water level of Loue river in real time in Vuillafans, Ornans and Champagne sur Loue


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Routes, maps

Viamichelin -

To calculate your detailed route and print maps and driving directions.



Timetables and prices of french train. You can reserve, buy and sometimes print your tickets online.


Tmetables and prices of swiss trains.


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Offices du tourisme

Comité Régional du Tourisme -

Website of regional tourism comitee is very rich and contains many information.

Doubs -

List of tourism offices in the Doubs.

Besancon -

Tourism office of Besançon.

Arc et Senans -

Tourism office of Arc et Senans.

Pontarlier -

Tourism office of Pontarlier.

Jura -

Tourism office of Jura.

Arbois -

Tourism office of Arbois.

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