La Balance Mets et Vins

47, rue de Courcelle

39600 Arbois

tel. : 03 84 37 45 00

We recommand only this one because it deserves that you eat there several times !

The delicious cuisine of our friend Thierry Moyne successfully join products of Franche-Comté to the wines of Jura, either in a traditionnal way such as famous coq au vin jaune or in a more original way.
Moreover, the restaurant, which is associated with 6 local wine growers proposes many wines of Jura, by glass or by bottle at a very affordable price, and is very good introduction to the wines of Jura. Bon appétit !

Vins et vignerons

Domaine de la Renadière - Jean-Michel Petit

rue du Chardonnay
39600 Pupillin

tél. : 03 84 66 25 10

At Jean-Michel's, I remember the forgotten vintage, chardonnay 1996, the General Assembly of the Dissatisfied Vintagers Syndicate, of the very late vintage at midnight for 2000 new year's eve, many samplings and other very good moments.

Besides, for english spoken people, Jean-Michel perfectly speaks english with an awfull french accent, as he worked some years in New-Zeland and California vineyards

Domaine de la Tournelle - Pascal Clairet

5 Petite Place
39600 Arbois

tél. : 03 84 66 25 76

During summer, Pascal Clairet organises some nice and epicurean walks between his different parcels of vineyard, with a sampling of his good wines at each stopping places.

Domaine Ligier Père et Fils

56 Rue de Pupillin
39600 Arbois

tel. : 03 84 66 28 06

It's worth tasting the poets' vintage... and all other wines here...


Jacky Pernet

21 rue Pierre Vernier
25290m Ornans

tél. : 03 81 62 20 32

Our favourite butcher and delicatessen, where you will find the delicious ornanese smoked saussage with mushrooms.